Jessica Simpson only officially confirmed her pregnancy earlier this month, but it seems the combination actress/ reality star/ singer is further along than most people expected. For the first time (this time around), she sent fans a picture with the fully belly bump exposed, and it is quite rotund.

You can go ahead and take a look at the photograph below, captioned Bumpin And Proud

Earlier this week, Simpson posted a picture that had fans talking because of the eye-popping amount of cleavage she was sporting. This photograph has some impressive boob action in its own right, but thanks to the massive bump, that’s definitely playing second fiddle here.

Even though behind the scenes Weight Watchers is probably annoyed that Simpson is pregnant again, I’m sure executives are as happy about this picture as they were about the starlet’s decision to go naked last time around. It really makes the transition even more pronounced and the final reveal pictures even more impressive.

Given her habit of updating fans about her life on Twitter, we should get plenty of more pictures like this in the coming weeks and months. Hopefully, we’ll get a more specific date of when she’s due too. Last time around, it seemed like she was pregnant for an entire year. It would be easier if we just knew when she was going to pop during round two.



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