Hot on the heels of rumors he was hitting on a random woman at a nightclub over the weekend, New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez and his girlfriend Eva Longoria publically announced they’ve gone their separate ways. The two surprised everyone a few months back by starting a relationship, but in the end, there were just too many practical factors working against them.

At thirty-seven, the actress was a full twelve years older than her new partner, and that difference reportedly manifested itself in how each wanted to spend their time. According to US Magazine, he liked to hit up the town and have a good time, while she was more focused on her career and various other commitments. Plus, with her movie ambitions in Los Angeles and his quarterbacking duties in New York, there were location difficulties as well.

In the grand scheme of things, this break-up should actually be good for the both of them. Neither needs any distractions at the moment. She’s at a phase in which she needs to find a new role to properly launch herself following the end of Desperate Housewives, and if he doesn’t start winning, he’s gonna find himself sitting on the bench in favor of Tim Tebow.

I’m not sure why either of these two thought this relationship could work, but hopefully, in their few months together, each was able to get something positive from their partner. Pop Blend’s sincerest well-wishes go out to both.



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