Jimmy Fallon Announces Baby Girl In Late Night Opening Monologue

By Jessica Rawden 2013-07-25 14:35:08
Jimmy Fallonís had a big year, nabbing the right to move into an earlier late night timeslot in 2014 and having a baby with his lovely wife, Nancy Juvonen Fallon. For those who didnít know Fallon and his wife were having a bundle of joy, the late night host officially announced his little girl to his audience on Wednesday evening, during the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon opening monologue. You can check it out in the handy dandy video below.

The funnyman announced the exciting baby news on Wednesday with the proclamation , ďIím your host Dadda,Ē going into a relatively candid monologue that thanked fans for their well wishes via social networking sites and blogging outlets. Eventually, he cracked a couple of Facebook jokes, and even kidded around about setting up a playdate with Prince William and Kate, who welcomed their own baby boy into the world on July 22. Luckily, the Fallonís got to choose a more spirited name than George Alexander Louis, choosing to role with the handle Winnie Rose, which hopefully is a Wonder Years reference.

The little girl was very small when she was born, weighing 5 pounds and nine ounces. She officially entered the world on Tuesday at 6: 21 a.m. The baby marks the first time the couple has had a child, and Fallon seemed a little overwhelmed and overjoyed during last nightís episode of his late night show. This, combined with the fact that heís already expressed the same sort of happiness via Twitter seems to confirm my observations.

The man may be known for goofy sketches including yodeling with Brad Pitt, putting together silly renditions of sings like ďCall Me Maybe,Ē and engaging in goofy activities like mom dancing with Michelle Obama, but when he shows his sincere side, heís even more endearing. That combination of dedicated and serious yet whimsical and more than willing to get silly and play should make him a wonderful father, and with his devoted wife at his side, there's no reason to think Winnie Rose shouldn't have a very strange yet completely wonderful childhood. Pop Blend would like to wish them the very best through the tumultuous first few weeks of parenthood. There will be plenty of long nights, but it should all be worth it.
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