Joe Jackson has always been considered a bit of a loose cannon. His relationship with other members of the Jackson family has often been rocky for the better part of five decades, and his relationship with the general public hasn’t been a whole lot better. Old age tends to have a softening effect on some people, but in his case, it seems the rough edges haven’t gotten any smoother.

According to TMZ, Jackson had a run in with a fan at the Palms in Las Vegas on Sunday. The mystery dude reportedly spied Joe and decided to snap a picture for his personal collection. Unfortunately, this didn’t sit too well with the patriarch of the Jackson family. He allegedly made a move toward the guy while shouting about not wanting his picture taken.

It’s unclear whether physical contact was made or how long the shouting may have gone on for, but the dude was supposedly pretty shook up. He asked for the police to be called in order to press charges, but luckily for Jackson, by the time they arrived, the dude changed his mind. No further legal repercussions will come for anyone related to the incident, but even so, it won’t exactly improve Joe’s less than stellar reputation.

Having pictures taken without one’s permission is definitely a downside to being famous, but something tells me Joe wouldn’t trade the family’s success for a little peace and quiet.



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