Jon Gosselin Is Waiting Tables And Living In A Cabin Without Internet Or TV

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Getting divorced is a tremendous strain on the wallet. Getting divorced and costing yourself a reality television show is even more costly. Thatís what ex-reality star Jon Gosselin has found out over the past four years as heís gone from TLC ratings winner to waiter. Thatís right. The former co-lead of Jon And Kate Plus Eight is now working as a server at the Black Dog restaurant in Beckersville, Pennsylvania.

According to People, he lives in a cabin in the woods without Internet or television. Thatís no doubt a hard pill to swallow considering Kate still lives in their $1.3 million home, but a man has to do what he has to do to make endís meet. Heís reportedly found it very difficult to find work since the whole media implosion of his image (as has Kate), and waiting tables is actually a good fit because people are already familiar with him.

Following the coupleís official divorce, the bad blood ran extremely deep. Jon started dating other women almost immediately, and there were accusations hurled back and forth almost daily. Over the last year, however, that animosity has mostly cooled down. Theyíve both admitted to making mistakes and seemed to realize getting along was a whole lot easier and less mentally draining than the alternative. Unfortunately, evidence recently emerged that Jon helped an author obtain sensitive information from Kate a few years ago in order to publish a scathing book, and now, all involved are headed back to court for another messy showdown that will cost time and money no one has.

If Jon and Kate were smart, theyíd put all of this bullshit behind them and do their best to work as a team. I realize far too much has happened to get back together, but thereís no reason why they have to be at each otherís throats. Teamwork is always best when there are children involved.
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