Julianne Moore Thinks It's Sexist When She's Asked About Motherhood

By Mack Rawden 2013-05-24 10:20:18
Julianne Moore is willing to answer questions about being a mother, but that doesn’t mean she’s particularly excited about it. In fact, she would prefer the conversation stay away from her children for two reasons. First, there’s no way you can describe motherhood in a snappy and convenient quote and second, she thinks even asking about it is a little bit sexist.

Here’s what she told DuJour Magazine
"Men aren't asked about age. Men aren't asked about their children. Not that these things aren't important, but I do feel like it becomes reductive when a woman's life becomes, 'Talk to me about your kids and how you feel about plastic surgery.' "

Over the course of her career, Moore has done a ton of interviews. I’m sure she’s been asked about her children, Caleb and Liv, an almost uncountable number of times, but calling the exchanges sexist might be going a little far. After all, part of the reason why women get asked so many questions about motherhood is because the people reading the magazines are largely women, and a solid percentage of them like hearing details like that. If they didn’t, the writers would stop asking the questions because the primary goal of publications like DuJour is to please their readers, not alienate them.

Moore had an issue last year when more than one hundred thousand dollars worth of jewelry was stolen from her West Village brownstone. On the whole, however, her personal life has been swimming along just as rapidly as her professional life. She recently boarded David Cronenberg’s new movie and right now, fans can catch her in The English Teacher.

Here’s to hoping in her next few interviews she can be asked some truly profound questions after those ones about motherhood are worked through.
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