Kat Von D Has Found A New Beau In Deadmau5

By Jessica Grabert 4 years ago
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Tattoo artist Kat Von Dís past relationship with TV personality Jesse James, was a troubled, ongoing, very public affair. The two broke up nearly a year ago, and Von D has spent some time off from relationships. Now, however, it looks like she might have found a match in DJ Deadmau5.

Deadmau5 (otherwise known as Joel Zimmerman) and Kat Von D met up at a party, recently and continued hanging out, afterwards. According to Us Weekly, photos of the couple holding hands and having a good time displaying affection in public followed, with people close to the couple noting Deadmau5 seems to be really into Kat.

The two arenít officially calling themselves a couple to the public, yet, but Deadmau5 has come out himself to talk about how much he likes his new squeeze. On Sunday, the Dj took to Twitter to declare his love for his certain someone.
ďYeah, Iím [in] love... inb4 I find a fuck to give over the Internet implodes over it ;) at least I'm happy! LolĒ

Iím surprised every girl doesnít dream of their man taking to Twitter and including an ďLOLĒ in a grammatically incorrect declaration of love. It just shows how much he cares.

Regardless of my thoughts on Tweets with poor grammar, Von D and Deadmau5 seem to be going strong, and Pop Blend will keep you posted when they officially declare their tattoo-filled coupledom. Hopefully, it will come soon. When Kat Von D came out to speak about her past relationship with James, she spoke of her belief in true love, and she really seemed earnest in her desire to find happiness. We hope sheís close to getting it.
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