It’s not surprising Katie Holmes is eager to again prove herself as an actress following her split with husband Tom Cruise, but the direction she’s going in might raise a few eyebrows. Rather than taking a splashy film role, Holmes has reportedly decided to join the cast of Dead Accounts, a new Broadway play from the creator of Smash.

According to The Wrap, the Broadway show follows a family thrown into crisis after a suddenly wealthy son returns to his family home without his wife. Holmes will play the suspicious sister who lives with her parents in Cincinnati.

Four years ago, Holmes took a role in Arthur Miller’s “All My Sons” on Broadway, but compared to television and film, her experience is still rather limited on stage. That doesn’t mean she won’t wow everyone. In fact, I hope she does, but even if the good reviews pour in, it’ll still be considered an unusual choice.

With her divorce already settled and plenty of good will from the public, Holmes should have plenty of opportunities in the near future. Look for her to balance movies, TV and apparently Broadway with raising her daughter Suri who will need a ton of attention until she leaves for college in twelve years.

Tony winner Jack O’Brien has signed on to direct the Theresa Rebeck work. We’ll keep you updated on future castings and the eventual opening date. Expect a packed house the first few nights.



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