Kelsey Grammer Defends Decision To Bring 3-Month-Old To Playboy Party

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Taking a three-month-old baby to a raging party at the Playboy Mansion might not be the type of parenting everyone approves of, but to Kelsey Grammar, it was the only acceptable solution he had. The former Frasier starís wife Kayte recently gave birth to a healthy daughter, but because sheís so young, the parents are very weary about leaving her with anyone they donít trust completely. Consequently, they havenít settled on a babysitter and have instead been taking little Faith everywhere they go.

On Saturday, that anywhere goes policy led to the Playboy Mansion. Faith spent the majority of the evening in Hefís VIP area, and after a picture leaked out, Grammar was forced to issue a statement clarifying what happened. Apparently, according to TMZ, the newbornís ears were covered during the party, and she actually slept the vast majority of the time. Mom and dad apparently picked up their bundle of joy a little after midnight, and they got home without any big issue.

Regardless of what your moral beliefs are, the issue here shouldnít be the Playboy Mansion. A three-month-old is far too young to know what really goes on there. The more pressing concern is just going to a loud, obnoxious party in general. Leaving the kid at home with a babysitter would definitely be better policy, and with all the skilled childcare providers in Los Angeles, thereís no reason why they shouldnít be able to find one to their liking.

Hereís to hoping this is the last time anyone sees fit to criticize Kelsey and Kayteís parenting skills.
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