Kelsey Grammer Renews Wedding Vows A Month Before Birth Of Twins

By Jessica Grabert 2012-06-03 18:18:44
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There’s no specific pressure for a couple to reaffirm their vows, just as there is no specific time, place, and manner that is prime for the event. In recent years, reaffirming vows has become a trend between celebrities and their spouses, from Kris and Bruce Jenner to Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes. Recently, the slightly longer than newlywed couple, Kelsey Grammer and Kayte Walsh, decided it was time to celebrate their love through a renewal, as well.

Grammer, 56, and Walsh, 31, were married just a little over a year ago. At this point they have a lot to celebrate—the Boss actor and his wife will soon be welcoming twins! Instead of resting and relaxing a month before the due date, the gallant husband and his pregnant partner decided to take the opportunity to retie the knot.

According to People on Saturday, the happy couple headed over to the Little Church of the West in Las Vegas, Nevada to give their nuptials a second go. Grammer later spoke out about the event, stating it was a renewal for the couple as well as a way to reaffirm the little family the two are creating together. He also had some jokily nice things to say about his wife of 15 months.
”I love that she had the courage to marry me twice!"

Forget courage, I’m sure she was super stoked to wear a brand new dress. Besides, despite Grammer’s track record with marriages (he has four under his belt), the couple seem fully invested in one another. With twins on the way, Grammer and Walsh have a few busy years ahead of them and if they were going to ever renew their vows, Saturday was the perfect time. Pop Blend would like to wish the family the best of luck as they move forward as a foursome in the future.
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