Who knew playing a political reporter was a physically demanding role? A few months ago, Kristin Chenoweth was tapped to do some work on The Good Wife, but unfortunately, her time on the set today did not go as planned. The actress was reportedly mid-scene when a piece of the lighting equipment unexpectedly fell and struck her on the head, throwing a kink into her balance and sending her head first into the concrete she was standing on. Medical professionals who were on site reportedly intervened immediately, but paramedics were eventually called to take Chenoweth to the hospital.

Details on the star’s condition have not been publically released, but according to E! News, firefighters are confirming she was taken to the Bellevue Hospital to be treated for “minor injuries”. The way sources on the set have been telling the story doesn’t exactly make the situation sound minor, but I guess we’re probably better off trusting the fire department over those in the movie business.

CBS hasn’t announced when the particular episode Chenoweth was filming will be broadcast, but given the time frame, it should be very early in the upcoming season. The GCB actress will reportedly play the aforementioned political reporter who digs a little too far into the Florrick campaign and winds up meddling with Alicia and Peter’s relationship. You can check the show out on Sunday evenings.



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