The Lead Singer Of The Calling Found Beaten After Strange 4 AM Abduction

By Mack Rawden 2013-08-19 10:27:07
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Alex Band, best known as the blond-haired lead singer of The Calling, was forcibly snatched, robbed and beaten during a violent encounter with unknown assailants. He was later discovered by his bandmates in rough shape by some railroad tracks. They quickly transported him to a hospital, where he was treated and fortunately, later able to be released.

The scary incident happened over the weekend in Lapeer, Michigan. Band and company were in town to play the city’s music festival. They checked into a local hotel, and at around 4 AM, the singer decided to walk to a nearby mini mart. Along the way, he allegedly got thrown into a blue minivan by two unidentified individuals. According to TMZ, they held him for a period of time, beat him violently, took an unknown number of things and dumped him by the aforementioned railroad tracks.

It took The Calling’s other members a few hours to realize Band was gone, but once they did, they quickly organized a search party and fanned out in all directions. Those efforts later proved to be a success when he was discovered by the aforementioned railroad tracks and taken to the hospital. Authorities are currently pouring resources into solving the case, but apart from the general description of two men in a van, it’s unclear whether they have any further evidence to go on.

There is so much about this case that’s yet to come out. For example: why was Band up at 4 in the morning? Was he intoxicated at all? Has there been other similar brief abductions in the area, or maybe in the nearby area of Flint ,which is only twenty miles away? What exactly was taken from the singer? Are we talking about a fifty dollar bill and a few ones, or are we talking about an expensive watch that the thieves could have spotted earlier in the night? The Investigation Discovery viewer inside of me needs the answers to those questions and a whole lot more, and assumedly, the local police department is already working to ascertain as many of those answers as possible by interviewing Band and the other dudes from The Calling, as well as examining security footage and looking for similar cases.

As kidnappings go, this one wasn’t nearly as violent or weird as some, but Pop Blend’s sincerest thoughts still go out to Band in this moment of need. Here’s to hoping he fully cooperates with investigators and is able to find some justice for what happened down the road.

Here’s a look at the video of The Calling’s famous song “Wherever You Will Go”…

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