Malaysian Government Says No To Ke$ha Concert

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Ke$haís aggressive, hard partying and sexually forward persona might play well in the United States, but in Malaysia, itís a whole different story. The starlet was scheduled to perform in the Asian nation on Saturday evening, but after reviewing her application and probably checking out some footage on YouTube, government leaders decided their citizens didnít need to see her act live. So, they officially pulled the permit and let the organizers know the gig wasnít going to happen.

According to CNN, promoters tried desperately to work with the Malaysian government to figure out a way to get approval. They reportedly volunteered to alter her wardrobe, to change her lyrics and to only let her play certain songs, but none of those olive branches were enough to change anything. The cancelled concert is a big blow to Ke$haís fans from Kuala Lumpur, and itís a big blow to the organizers who will reportedly lose $350,000 as a result of the cancellation.

Hereís what the singer had to say about the incident on TwitterÖ

People should be allowed to consume whatever content they want to pay for, provided it doesnít involve people who canít/ wonít give consent, but in practice, thatís just not the way the whole world operates. There are a lot of countries who would rather keep more explicit performances and attitudes out. So, if youíre gonna act outrageously, cancelled concerts are always going to be a possibility. Malaysia in particular has a noted history of censorship.

Itís highly unlikely thereís one specific thing Ke$ha could have done differently to change the outcome, but one would imagine her Instagram account didnít help. Still, something tells me sheís not exactly a woman prone to regrets.
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