Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh has been hampered by an injury the past few weeks, but that ailment pales in comparison to an emotional blow he took on Monday. The NBA star has long turned to masseuses to help alleviate the nagging problems that come with playing basketball for a living. Bosh and his wife Adrienne were particularly fond of one masseuse; so, they used the woman often. Unfortunately, when she showed up to their residence on Monday, she quickly fainted. The Bosh family called paramedics who arrived a few minutes later, but nothing could be done. She died later in the evening at the hospital, leaving her friends, family members and the Bosh’s to grieve and wonder what went wrong.

According to ESPN, Chris was noticeably upset about the incident when he answered questions following Miami’s loss. He and his wife later put out a statement sending their condolences to her loved ones. You can take a look at it below…
"Last evening, a massage therapist that we have used for some time, arrived at our home to provide massage therapy. Shortly after she arrived, she fainted and lost consciousness. We called 911 and emergency personnel arrived at our home shortly thereafter. They took her to Mount Sinai Hospital, where she passed away. Our hearts go out to her family. We are very sorry for their loss."

Despite the hoopla that surrounded his arrival to Miami, Bosh has always come across like a very good guy. This statement is a good indication of that, and I can’t imagine what he’s going through. Pop Blend sends out its thoughts to the unnamed woman’s entire family, as well as those who knew her best. She reportedly survived cancer about a year ago, and no doubt she had that fighter’s spirit until the end.



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