Matt Damon Says His Daughters Can't Get Enough Of Broccoli

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Most parents have to nag at their children to get them to eat their vegetables, but more often than not, Matt Damon finds himself on the opposite end of the guilt trip. His three youngest daughters, Isabella (6), Gia (4) and Stella (almost 2), canít get enough of healthy food and are apt to make him feel bad about his disdain for Brussels sprouts and cauliflower.

In case if youíre wondering what the trick is, according to Damon, itís starting children early so they donít know any different. The actor was on hand at the Cooking Live fundraiser in New York recently and told People when you shoehorn the healthy stuff in early, the little ones donít realize thereís any alternative.
ĒMy wife and I introduced it to them at a very young age and they just donít know any different. Luckily, I found out all three of my youngest girls love broccoli. There are times where I canít get them to eat protein or a little piece of fish because they are going crazy over the broccoli.Ē

Thereís no word on whether fourteen-year-old step-daughter Alexia gets in on the vegetable fun, but considering Damon specifically cited the younger girls, one would imagine sheís a little less excited about green beans. Thatís understandable given how much worse they taste than donuts or pizza.
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