Meet The Guy Who Ate Pizza Every Day For 25 Years

By Mick Joest 2 years ago
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Everybody loves pizza. Itís a food that is so customizable, itís impossible to find at least one type you donít love. Iíd say on average I eat a pizza every two weeks, if not more. Could I live off pizza and eat one every day like this guy? I would like to say no, but I fear that I easily could.

Pizza every day is a daunting task. Youíd be throwing a lot of grains, dairy, and grease into your system daily, which would bloat you up. Dan Jannsen, the guy in the video, claims heís in relatively good shape. Heís also a diabetic who claims pizza has zero effect on his illness.

If you needed evidence that was a lie, Google ďpizza and diabetesĒ. The carbs in pizza can wreak havoc on blood sugar and elevate it for up to eight hours! In addition to that nastiness, it can also stop absorption of carbohydrates for up to three hours after ingestion. Itís certainly not impossible to have diabetes and eat a pizza, but itís certainly no walk in the park either.

Letís talk about the bigger problem here in Jannsenís complete aversion to vegetables. Iíll admit, Iím not the first person in line for green beans when I see them, but I do more often than not have a vegetable with my meal. Completely removing a food group from your diet is about as weird as eating pizza once a day for twenty five years. This guy is the epitome of a ďpicky eaterĒ.

I do commend him, however, for eating the thing he loves everyday. As his fiance stated in the video, I have nothing to lose if this lifestyle blows up in his face. If he was someone I knew personally I would try and encourage him to seek some professional help, because it is really bizarre. He clearly has a pizza addiction, as evidenced by him boycotting a restaurant for years after a dispute over pizza exchange. I do hope it all turns out well for him, however, and that he continues to live the life that he wants!

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