When some celebrity couples break-up, the reasons are pretty obvious. Either because of a drinking problem or a cheating scandal or some other big issue, it doesn’t take an expert to figure out what went wrong. With Jason Segel and Michelle Williams’ recent break-up, however, the reasons were far less clear to most observers. They seemed pretty stable and the picture of happiness whenever they were photographed together, but if new rumors are to be believed, there was one specific issue they couldn’t ever get over.

According to People, Williams and her daughter Matilda are very much New Yorkers. That’s where they’ve chosen to make their home, and apart from random stretches now and again on film sets, the pair try to stay put there as much as possible. Segel, however, is a Los Angeles guy. He made every effort to be in New York as much as possible for his girlfriend and her daughter, but he never sold his house in Los Angeles and completely transitioned. That distance allegedly put a strain on the relationship and kept Williams for fully investing in Segel. Maybe at some point in the future, the stars will align and they’ll come back together, but for now, she would apparently rather walk alone than with someone who isn’t there all the time.

If that rumor is to be believed, it’s an extremely practical reason to break-up, and it’s probably better they did it now than years down the line when there were more feelings invested on both sides. Here’s to hoping these two are eventually able to find happiness and stability, whether it’s with each other or different people.



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