Nadya Suleman spent her weekend getting roasted by drag queens at New York City’s XL Nightclub. Unfortunately, while she was doing that, some unidentified miscreants were egging her house. Her entire brood of children and their caretaker were inside during the eighth grade shenanigans, but apparently, the house has pretty thick walls because no one heard anything.

According to TMZ, the mess wasn’t discovered until the following morning when Octomom returned to the West Coast. She quickly purchased the necessary cleaning equipment and got rid of the stains and all the ants the food attracted.

As for the why in the equation, that probably depends on the ages of the people who did this. More than likely, it was a bunch of kids, in which case, they probably aren’t parented properly and didn’t have anything better to do. On the slim chance it was adults, there was either some drinking going on or some kind of pent up rage over Suleman’s sketchy life choices.

Regardless, there’s fourteen children who shouldn’t have to live in a house that gets egged on a regular basis. They didn’t ask for their situation, and they deserve better than being harassed. Here’s to hoping this was a one-off prank and doesn’t happen again. It would be awful if they wound up in a situation where vandalism was a regular part of life.



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