Starting a brand new year might be good for a lot of reasons, some examples being new beginnings, looking forward to awards season, the NFL playoffs, new television premieres, and this year, beating the damn Mayan prophecy; however, new music apparently isn’t one of those great turn-of-the-year events. Luckily, Beach House came through this week with a music video for one of the band’s 2012 songs, fittingly titled “New Year.”

Starting out with a backyard shot focusing on a cat and continuing in a home movie style, the “New Year” video is somewhat less about the song itself and more about the process the Baltimore duo gets into when producing music. The video was shot in a backyard, a recording studio, and while driving around the state of Texas during the production of the band’s most recent album. As the band notes, the account is meant to be more of an intimate look at a few special moments that occurred when recording the album, set to song. Still, if you are into the band, the “New Year” video might be worth a view.

“New Year” hails from Beach House’s fourth studio album, Bloom, that was actually recorded at Sonic Ranch located in Tornillo, Texas. If you like what you’ve heard but are looking for more of an official music video with an official director for one of the band’s tracks, you should check out "Lazuli", also off of Bloom.

Here’s hoping Beach House’s unofficial video for “New Year” has kicked off a good year for music.



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