I was expecting an awful lot from “Settle Down,” the first single No Doubt has produced in nearly a decade. Perhaps it was due to all the press the reunion album was getting after it was announced way back in September, but more likely, this had to do with the fact the band bothered to put together a teaser trailer for the video, which usually means something epic is in store.

Unfortunately, “epic” is not what we get with “Settle Down,” but a dance party on the back of a semi truck. This works great for a band that may be artistically superior in some of its most felt out tracks but pops far more when it delves into some dance-oriented grooves. And “Settle Down” is catchy. So catchy, in fact, that you’ll probably forgive it when the chorus delves into some weird synthy repeats with the line “Get, get, get in line and settle down.”

“Settle Down” casts the band in a world of color, reminding us the members of No Doubt may be growing older, but still refuse to slow down. As it turns out, settling down for a hiatus and not for a lifetime was just what the band needed.



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