Season 10 American Idol contestant Haley Reinhart was a fan favorite in her season, even if she never pulled through with the final prize. Luckily, a third place win ensured the 21 year-old singer had enough fans, or in her case “Haliens,” to solidify her own record deal. Back in November, Reinhart released “Free” the first single off of her upcoming album, Listen Up! Now, the singer would like us to pay attention to her new video highlighting that first single.

I’ve known plenty of diner women willing to sing some sort of blues, thus the setting director Christopher Sims chose to showcase Reinhart’s voice in the “Free” video seems pretty fitting. Less fitting, perhaps, is Reinhart’s on-camera performance. The former Idol contestant has always been one to play cutesy for the camera, but in a video that is taped and edited, she comes off more than a little forced. Still, her vocals are surefooted and that’s certainly more than half the battle. A nice little piano melody also accompanies the track, making “Free” perfectly worth viewing for the asking price.

Listen Up! is set to drop May 22.



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