November should be a good month for The Killers, a band that is still riding off the success of its September 2012 album Battle Born. Now, the band has released a video for “Miss Atomic Bomb,” an emotional song that seems even more so due to the footage from the band’s tour accompanying the track.

“Miss Atomic Bomb” is the new single off of the band’s fourth studio album. It’s a song that begins slowly before picking up the pace, and the video follows suit. Fans are privy to slow-motion foot tapping and other slow movements from the band members onstage as the song warms up. Then, the video pans out to incorporate large audiences and those audiences’ reactions to the music they are hearing, as well as some extreme close-ups with each of the band members. We also get to see some backstage footage, including my favorite moment, which features Brandon Flowers tearing into a sandwich before the crew heads onstage. It’s not as good as a live show, but it’s still pretty good.

Back in July, we covered the debut of “Runaways,” the very first single off of Battle Born. “Miss Atomic Bomb” is the second single off of the album, and footage for the video was shot during The Killers’ UK tour. Currently, you can catch the band through November in the UK, and then they are headed to the US to play some more dates before the holidays. Luckily, if you live elsewhere, and won’t be able to catch The Killers in action, you still have this video to fall back on.



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