Oprah's Book Club Is Back

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Itís no secret that women like to read. In fact, middle-aged women make up a very healthy percentage of total book purchasers, and for years, daytime talk show queen Oprah Winfrey steered those eyeballs into particular directions with her book club. One measly recommendation could add more than a million sold copies to an authorís ledger and turn him or her into a rising star in the publishing industry.

Two years ago however, Winfrey put her club on hiatus, leaving many readers to fend for themselves. With book sales already slumping, the break was a major annoyance to the movers and shakers and fans looking for a little advice, but now it seems sheís had a change of heart. According to The New York Times, Oprah has decided to breath new life into the book club and will begin making new recommendations, starting with Wild by Cheryl Strayed this summer.

Her review will run in the July issue of O, and Knopf, Wildís publisher, has already begun producing new jackets which bare the Oprah Book Club seal. For those who read in more tech 2.0 ways, e-books will also be available featuring notes from Winfrey and identifications of her favorite passages.

Over the years, there have been few well-intentioned organizations more recklessly bashed than Oprahís book club. A good percentage of elitists decided long ago that it was foolish and unfair for certain examples of ďlesser artĒ to sell millions of copies based on the talk show host's recommendations. That opinion is foolish. People reading is a great thing, and the reason why the book club took off is because those reading the selections genuinely enjoyed them. I, for one, couldnít be more pleased Oprahís picking books again, and Iím sure my mom is quite pleased too.
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