Almost a year after stealing some of the spotlight during her sister’s royal wedding, Pippa Middleton is once again making headlines, though this time for a far less curvaceous reason. The future king’s sister-in-law was in Paris over the weekend with three male acquaintances when a photographer began following their car and taking pictures. Rather than swerve recklessly to get away or simply ignore the intrusion, the driver pulled out a handgun and pointed it squarely at the photographer while Pippa looked on from the passenger seat.

Now, in the United States, whoever pulled out the gun would likely be held solely responsible for the threat, but in Paris where gun laws are much stricter, everyone in the car could wind up charged with illegal use of a handgun in public, which is punishable by up to seven years in jail. Even if the weapon winds up being a toy, that offense still carries a two year jail sentence in France.

According to The Sun, the photographer still hasn’t decided whether to push the matter with the police. Authorities have already opened an investigation into what happened based on the news coverage, but it’s likely the matter will be taken even more seriously if the victim asks to press charges.

Unless Pippa knew the gun was inside the car when she got in, it seems unlikely she’ll be charged. As for her friend however, he may very well find himself in court.



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