Queens Residents Upset Hated Sculpture Might Be Given To Brooklyn

By Mack Rawden 2012-07-21 20:26:50
The Triumph Of Civic Virtue has been offending people from its perch in Kew Gardens at the corner of Queens Boulevard and Union Turnpike since 1941. The sculptor, Frederick MacMonnies, meant for the women to symbolize vices, but pretty much everyone has hated it since it was placed in front of the City Hall in Manhattan in 1922. In fact, Mayor La Guardia despised it so much he shipped it off to its current home in Queens. You can take a look at its ugliness below…

Every few years, a movement begins to rid the Gardens of the eye soar, and this latest one actually seems like it might work. City officials are currently working on a plan to move Triumph Of Civic Virtue to a cemetery where the sculptor’s family is buried. Unfortunately, there’s one problem with that: the Green-Wood Cemetery is located in Brooklyn, and many Queens residents are of the opinion that if anyone is forced to look at the godawful statue, it should be them. Here’s what Community Board 9 chairman Andrea Crawford had to say…
"It's absolutely outrageous. It was given to the people of Queens. Whether you like the statue or not it is an important piece of public art by an important sculptor. Is it because it’s Queens and no one cares?"

If you want to know why New York City residents are both loveable and dreadful, this is a good indication. No one likes this stupid statue. In fact, according to The Wall Street Journal, Queens officials even toyed with the idea of selling it on Craigslist, but over their dead bodies will they allow the people of Brooklyn to give it a new home.

There’s nothing like inflicting visual pain on yourself in order to give the middle finger to your enemies. We’ll keep you updated as the sage of the statue progresses.
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