Last weekend, legendary wrestler Scott “Razor Ramon” Hall was arrested following a scary and bizarre incident in which authorities found him oozing not machismo but an unidentified white substance from both sides of his mouth. The former sports entertainment superstar’s girlfriend Lisa Howell told police he’d been drinking for days and had choked her when she tried to leave the residence. After observing visible bruises on her neck, Hall was taken to the station, but Howell later decided not to press charges.

Despite a pretty damning arrest report that details the aforementioned story, Hall’s attorney came forward today and denied there was any physicality to the incident. Speaking to TMZ, the lawyer admitted an argument happened but was quick to point out Howell never even wanted Hall to be arrested. The whole not pressing charges thing probably backs up her unwillingness to see her boyfriend jailed, but it still does little to contradict the evidence authorities found at the scene.

After a successful run in the early 90s in the WWF as Razor Ramon, Hall moved to WCW and founded the NWO, one of the most influential stables in the history of wrestling. Unfortunately, rumors of drug and alcohol abuse soon began following the wrestler wherever he went. Numerous stints in rehab, nineteen by Hall’s count, followed, along with the deterioration of his marriage and several arrests. Last year saw more brushes with the law, as well as a few public comments from close friends admitting Hall has a problem.

Clearly, something is still going on in the wrestler’s personal life. Regardless of what it is, Pop Blend wishes him nothing but the best in his recovery. His ladder match with Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania X remains a high point in the business. Here’s to hoping he can get everything in check and find work helping up and comers achieve the same feats he did.



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