See Him Rollin’: Watch This Dog Drive A Car

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Some animal rights organizations advertise using images of abused dogs or cats in an effort to guilt trip people into adopting a rescue animal. Other animal rights organizations advertise using images of happy dogs or cats in an effort to show people what they’re missing by not having a pet. This year, New Zealand’s SPCA decided to teach rescue dogs how to drive in an effort to generate publicity, and thus far, the idea has worked like a charm.

Just a few days ago, the SPCA recorded a dog named Porter driving around a racetrack, and the footage has been racing around the Internet ever since. It’s rapidly approaching three hundred thousand views, and hopefully, it will lead more than a few people to reach out and bring home one of the many worthy animals currently waiting on a home. Take a look at the greatness below…

This clip works as a great companion piece to that commercial with the dude who trained his dog to go fetch beers. They just go to show there are few things you can’t train a dog to do provided you’re diligent, consistent and provide plenty of positive encouragement and the occasional Beggin’ Strip.
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