See Jay-Z As A Child And Rate His Cuteness To Celebrate Magna Carta Holy Grail

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Successful people celebrate their victories in different ways. Some choose to buy an expensive and frivolous item. Some make a reservation at a fancy restaurant. Others get drunk or have sex. Let the record show Beyonce likes to get a little nostalgic.

Earlier today, the pop star decided to hit up Instagram in response to news that her husband Jay-Zís new record Magna Carta Holy Grail already went platinum and show off a goofy photo of the hitmaker before he was the hugely successful musician we all know and love. Itís embedded at the top of this article, and as you can see, itís a weird combination of goofy, endearing and horrifying.

In fact, people on the Internet canít seem to agree whether Jay-Z was an absolutely adorable child or some hideous monster with a shit-eating grin, probably because he has an incredibly strange look on his faceólike he just stole an entire cookie jar or saw his first naked woman. Coupled with the crazy graduation hat and the purple gown, itís definitely not a sight you see every day.

Jay-Z is certainly not the ugliest dude in the world, but in general, people really donít spend very much time talking about his looks. Heís sorta like a professional hockey player in that way. He just looks like a random dude youíd see on the street, and given his otherworldy talent, talking about the everyman qualities to his appearance never seemed necessary. With this photo of him as a child, however, thereís just no way around it. It has to be talked about.

Personally, I think he was a pretty cute kid. I would gladly raise this little rascal myself, even if he proved talentless. There are others, however, who vehemently disagree and think heís improved tenfold in the years since this shot was taken.

Where do you stand? How would your rate Jay-Zís attractiveness? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll belowÖ

What Do You Think Of Young Jay-Z?


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