Sharon Stone Released From Italian Hospital

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Sharon Stone spent a few hours in an Italian hospital yesterday, but she didnít let the brief speed bump keep her from the larger goal. The actress was in Milan to raise money for AIDS-related charity amfAR; so, immediately following her release, she made her way to the official event to do her part to bring in as much cash as possible.

According to E! Online, Stoneís health concerns were related to a particularly bad migraine. She first started experiencing the symptoms during the Fendi fashion show on Saturday afternoon. When they didnít let up, she made the decision to head to the hospital to make sure there wasnít anything seriously wrong. Obviously, there wasnít, and the Basic Instinct star was able to fulfill the rest of her weekend obligations.

She may not look it, but Stone is actually fifty-four-years-old. Thatís not to the point where she should be battling serious health problems, but it is to the point where she should be proactive about any minor problems and strange occurrences that happen. Obviously, she did that here, and it didnít even wind up affecting the trajectory of her day at all.

Hopefully, thisíll be the last we hear about Stone and health problems for a couple decades. If the actress speaks publically about what happened, weíll keep you updated. Otherwise, weíll just assume this was a one-off annoyance.
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