Prior to this evening’s interview, it was widely assumed Jon Stewart would hold off on asking Rob Pattinson any Kristen Stewart questions. The actor has always zealously guarded his personal life, and with it suddenly plastered everywhere thanks to his now ex-girlfriend’s cheating, most expected he’d tell the host ahead of the sitdown that all private life questions were off limits.

Well, the interview finally aired earlier tonight, and it turns out there were no such requests. Stewart and Pattinson shared some ice cream to help drown his sorrows, and the Twilight star even jokingly talked about how he blew it by being too cheap to hire a publicist when he needed one most. All in all, it was an engaging and endearing interview that candidly did just about everything, save one crucial thing: bash K-Stew.

Pattinson could have really let her have it tonight. He could have talked about her two-timing, about how she went behind his back and broke his heart, but he took the high road. He acted like a mature, decent and responsible adult, which, to be honest, I thought everyone would be impressed by. It turns out that’s not the caae.

A healthy percentage of people seem to share my admiration for Pattinson’s classiness, but there are many out there who think he should have opened up his mouth and really let her have it on national television.

What do you think? Was Rob right to be nice about it or should he have let his real anger be known? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Should Rob Have Bashed Kristen?

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