Arcade Fire is a pseudo orchestral band that is widely known among music aficionados. After winning a Grammy for album of the year and headlining festivals like Bonnaroo and Austin City Limits, they are quickly becoming the A-List band they were destined to be. Their music encompasses so much emotion; back in 2004 they released Funeral, an album centered around the deaths of two band mates' family members. It was a jarring release, and coupled with the widely acclaimed smash hit “Wake Up,” Arcade Fire has become a group that shouldn’t be missed.

If you saw the movie Where The Wild Things Are back in 2009, then you’ve heard the song “Wake Up.” Spike Jonze uses the band's song as a powerful accompaniment in Wild Things. Little did they both know, this ended up being the defining moment of Arcade's career. Not only did it help sky rocket this indie band to fame, it also brought "Wake Up" into becoming an instantly recognizable jam. Learning how well their music accompanies his unique style of filmmaking, Jonze is doing the same thing with Arcade’s new album The Suburbs, by directing a 30 minute short film based on the Grammy award winning record. The album tells the narrative of a young boy living in a dystopian version of the Texas suburbs, where front man Win Butler grew up. Check out a series of clips from the short film, titled Scenes From the Suburbs. You can watch it here.

The film features some grim visions of a police state future. Not only is it mesmerizingly beautiful, but it’s also deeply disturbing. But, could you expect anything else from a Spike Jonze film? This source material is a perfect match for the director who is known for creating unique visions and utilizing eclectic music. The director is not shy of music videos and working with bands either. Jonze got his start in filmmaking by directing music videos for bands like: Beastie Boys, Weezer, R.E.M., WEEN, and Daft Punk. Almost every music video the director creates is fascinating, and this one doesn’t seem to altar that trend.

I’m glad to see that Jonze is back with a band that is so creative and unique. Arcade Fire’s music accompanies a Jonze film very well, and it’s proper that these two artistic power houses finally work together again. The short film debuted at the Berlin International Film Festival in February, and early buzz is that the film is perfect in every way imaginable. I don’t doubt that at all.



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