State Farm Suing Kat Von D Over House Fire

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Two years ago, Kat Von Dís Hollywood Hills home was destroyed by a fire. She lost most of her possessions, her beloved cat Valentine and days of her time as she tried to pick up the pieces. Luckily, she didnít actually lose much money. The reality star was covered by State Farm Insurance, and the company wrote her a check for more than nine hundred thousand dollars to cover the damages, allowing her to put the sad chapter behind her. Or at least thatís what she thought.

According to TMZ, State Farm has done some digging into the cause of the fire, and it claims the flames were Katís own fault because she left candles all around the house. It was allegedly those flames that spread throughout the property, and State Farm thinks Von D should have been the one footing the bill. As such, the insurance giant has filed a lawsuit asking to be paid back the nine hundred thousand it shelled out in full.

The tattoo artist is yet to respond to the allegation, but one would imagine she wouldnít be too pleased about the new developments. Hereís the rub though. Most insurance plans do not cover negligence. Open flames are a big no-no, and although candles are typically harmless, if she left them unattended, that could well be grounds for not paying out. Weíll see what a judge has to say.

As a reality star and a woman who has found much success in her profession, you would think Von D would have the money to cover this, but even if she does, I canít imagine she has so many millions in the bank that it wouldnít be a serious burden to write that check.
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