Sue Paterno Writes Letter To Former Penn State Players Defending Her Husband

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Following Jerry Sanduskyís arrest last year, Penn State University commissioned former FBI head Louis Freeh to assemble a team, interview witnesses and go through millions of emails in an attempt to determine how the longtime assistant football coach could have molested so many children without being arrested. The teamís findings proved to be a damning indictment against numerous Penn State officials including longtime head coach Joe Paterno who was accused of willfully looking the other way.

The findings were widely accepted by the general public, but within the Penn State community, many were furious about how aggressive the Freeh Report was to Paterno. He died not long after the findings went public, and recently, his widow, Sue Paterno, hired a team to review her husbandís actions. Not surprisingly, the people she paid are set to release their own report which will reportedly argue JoePa didnít do anything wrong.

To announce the supposed new evidence, Sue penned a letter to hundreds of former Penn State players telling them the new report will be released on Sunday. You can read an excerpt of its self-serving obnoxiousness belowÖ
"The great fathers, husbands and citizens you have become fulfill the dreams Joe had. All that we want -- and what I believe we owe the victims, Joe Paterno and everyone who cares about Penn State -- is the full record of what happened."

Unfortunately for Sue, an investigation was already conducted by the former head of the FBI, and it was pretty forward about what her husband did and did not do. Most notably, he was told, at best, Sandusky was caught in the shower behaving inappropriately with a child, and he did nothing other than alert his supervisors. For years, he watched Sandusky continue to bring around children, and never once did he even bother talking to him.

I understand Sue doesnít want for her husbandís legacy to be forever tarnished, but he brought that on himself.
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