Thomas Kinkade was never a very showy artist. While many of his peers slaved over complicated and technically proficient works, he opted for simple and rustic creations. His viewpoint was always remarkably clear, a lens into beautiful and tranquil serenity. More often than not, his paintings were absent people and specificities, devoid of any trappings that may have impaired an observer from finding his or her own peace and harmony in his natural settings. In his cabins and gentle streams, he brought moments of happiness to millions, and one would imagine it’s that gift he’d like fans and admirers to remember him by.

Kinkade passed away suddenly yesterday at the age of fifty-four. His family released a statement today to The San Jose Mercury News mourning his passing. The official cause of death won’t be known likely for weeks, but all evidence thus far points to natural causes, which would be a fitting way for a relaxed man to exit the world.

During his lifetime, Kinkade painted and sold more than a thousand works. The majority were reprinted and sold for relatively small prices. After his popularity skyrocketed in the 1990s, he continued to make his art affordable and built a lucrative empire doing so. It’s estimated his art can be found in at least one in every twenty homes in the United States, a testament to how many people found escape and happiness in his unique ability to convey light.

Pop Blend’s thoughts go out to Kinkade’s entire family, as well as the millions who were touched by his work. His memory will live on through his philanthropy and most of all, his wonderful work.



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