Vanessa Lachey Tweets First Look At Handsome Newborn Camden

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Itís been almost three weeks since Nick and Vanessa Lachey welcomed their first child into the world. The new mom has been bragging up her little guy via Twitter ever since, but unfortunately for fans, she was also keeping his appearance a secret, at least until now.

Lachey hit fans with a surprise picture of Camden John Lachey this morning, and even though he couldnít be bothered to open his eyes, itís pretty apparent heíll be the most handsome kid in his preschool class a few years from now. You can check out a picture of the munchkin belowÖ

Considering Vanessa Lachey took the greatest pregnancy photograph of all-time, itís really not a shock sheíd get the angle, expression and distance right to show her kid at his best. The woman knows her way around lenses. Since Camden is a boy, however, itís unlikely heíll care about any of this when heís shown the picture later on.

At some point, Vanessaís incredible enthusiasm will likely get tried a bit as Camden continues to need constant attention, but given her determination and positivity, she should remain every ounce of the mother her son deserves. Pop Blend wishes the whole family nothing but the best and offers a thumbs up to Camden for winning the genetic lottery.
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