Marketing as an up and coming band can be extremely difficult. The band Moones had a new EP coming out and they were looking for a video they could create that would set them apart from the crowd. They contemplated what they could do for the video and eventually thought, “Why not just do it with a little bit of an idea on top?” The result is “Drunk in Session,” an hour+ YouTube video full of panache, and eventually, a bunch of drunk band members. If you’ve got a spare hour in your day, or at least enough time to half-watch a lengthy video, this one’s worth a shot.


Humorously, the guys seem a little bit nervous about their gimmick prior to drinking the first set of four beers apiece, with one bandmate musing that “It’s gonna be pretty bleak,” while another mentions he hasn’t had twenty beers in one sitting before. The first take goes great, with the band looking professional and Moones presumably sounding just like the group normally would for a gig, and with no beers lined up on the back wall.


By the fifth take, however, the guys have hit a wall. Before they guys even hit the final round, the playing got wild (and sweatier) and one dude even gets distracted mid-playing and fights with his hat, which has fallen off of his head. By the last take, the guys are stumbling around and laughing like hyenas, no one is really keeping time and the lead singer is barely standing. Watching the guys get to eighty beers between them kind of gives us an idea of what The Replacements early shows were all about.

You can check out the “Making of” the video, below, which proves just how many beers the guys worked through while playing. If you really enjoyed the music behind the little stunt, you can check out the guys over at SoundCloud or even check out the U.K. group’s site.

This is one of the more amusing music video’s we’ve seen at Pop Blend, but not the coolest. Those honors usually go to OK Go, although more recently artists like and another awesome video from the musical and comedic duo Rhett and Link have proven videos can be a whole lot of fun if some effort is put in.



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