Daft Punk is extremely popular with human beings. The band’s score for Tron Legacy arguably went over better than the movie itself, and more recently, the group’s new song has been breaking records on Spotify. Thanks to this video, however, we now know the guys are extremely popular with birds too.

The bird featured in the above video is a Cockatoo, and as you can tell, she is a huge fan of Daft Punk. Her owner, Yopi69, claims she’s not really a big dancer most of the time, but whenever Daft Punk comes on, and more specifically, “Phoenix” by Daft Punk, she cannot control herself. In just a few short days, this clip has already racked up almost five hundred thousand views, which is probably necessary to balance out the universe since the last bird video to go viral didn’t exactly paint the Avian species in a particularly good light.

I highly doubt Daft Punk actively thought about making a song birds would love, but since we know it works on this one, amateur scientists/ bird owners the world over should check out if the track has the same effect on their pet.



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