Watch These British Teenagers Get Quizzed About The NFL

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Apart from those who have spent time living in foreign countries and those who are particularly excited about sports, the average American doesnít know anything about rugby, except the fact that itís vaguely like football and doesnít involve as many pads. So, that got YouTube user Billy White wondering about how much English teenagers know about American football.

Armed with a cameraman and a good idea, White asked ten British teenagers about a slew of football-related terms, players and rules. On the whole, they werenít terrible, but their collective lack of knowledge still produced some hilarious answers. Take a look at the footage belowÖ

I love the game where he gives them the three pieces of paper and asks each person to pick out the one thatís a real football player. Itís a funny concept, and more often than not, it leads to some pretty amusing results. I also enjoy the chick who admits everything she knows about American football she learned through watching Forrest Gump. Itís both brutally honest and hilarious.

Because of the success of this video, White is reportedly planning to make some more in which he asks British teens about distinctly American activities. Hereís to hoping the game proves so popular it crosses the Ocean and leads to Americans getting asked about English activities too.
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