For the most part, we’re constantly progressing as a society. We’re getting bigger, stronger, faster and more technologically capable by the decade. We have more mastery over our environment right now that at any point before, but amidst this forward motion, certain skills can get lost.

Several old manuscripts refer to archers shooting three arrows in a second and a half. For a long time, modern scholars thought such claims were exaggerations, but thanks to one crazy Danish dude who got obsessed with studying old techniques, we now know this was actually pretty common. To demonstrate, Lars Andersen put together a highlight video of his most incredible archery feats and interspersed some interesting facts about history.

The results were put online earlier this week, and the footage has been flying like a projectile around the Internet ever since, which is crazy given the subject matter is archery. Take a look below…

Until they started showing the side angle, I was convinced this was all some weird camera trick. Turns out this Lars dude is just that sick, and the crazy thing is he would have been just a regular soldier in the army back in the day. There wouldn’t have been anything astoundingly impressive about his moves when compared against archers from an earlier time period.

Here’s to hoping History Channel enlists this dude to be on Top Shot next season. He'd be the perfect mentor for a speed archery challenge.



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