At some point or another, most people develop feelings for one of their friends. Sometimes, these feelings are reciprocated, and the two gleeful, lovestruck former friends go on to have a long, fulfilling relationship. Unfortunately, most of the time this does not happen. Instead, only one party is down, while the other simply wants to maintain a friendship.

Over the past decade, the “friend zone” was coined to describe the awkward, barren space the one with the crush occupies, but not surprisingly, this cute phrase has not stopped millions of teenagers from sending gushy emails with almost no hope of success. This morning, popular YouTuber Swoozie released a video to try and help people figure out whether or not they’re in the friend zone. It uses Legos. It’s funny, and it’s educational. You can get a look below…

A key element to a viral video’s success is the length of the clip. At slightly over three minutes, this one is smart enough not to overstay its welcome. It gets in, gets some laughs, makes a few good points and then exits stage left. That’s the right way to do it. Internet users get bored really quickly.

I have no idea whether this clip will actually prevent anyone from making a fool out of himself, but regardless, I’m still glad it exists.



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