Watch This Girl On Pain Meds Sob Over Murdering Her Wisdom Teeth

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Everyone Iíve ever met thatís had oral surgery has a goofy story about what they did afterwards when they were all hopped up on pain medication. Fortunately or unfortunately, the girl in the above videoís tale is just a whole lot better. Hysterically sobbing about rejecting her teeth, she canít mentally come to grips with the fact that sheís now a murderer, having removed completely decent parts of her body that only wanted to help her chew food.

I think my favorite part of this video is how patient and sensible the girlís mother is. She compares the situation to losing baby teeth, but in her infinite, hopped-up-on-drugs wisdom, this chick knows sheíll never be able to replace these wisdom teeth like she did with the baby ones.

Abbie Kritz, the girl in the video, posted the footage to her YouTube account a little more than a week ago, and already, almost seven hundred thousand people have watched the clip and giggled about her goofy reaction to losing body parts. Thereís no way she envisioned the footage blowing up this much, but then again, thatís part of the hallmark of a great Viral Video. Now and again, a big company might create an instant classic, but more often than not, the best just involve regular people going about their daily lives.

Hereís to hoping Abbie stopped crying and had some real fun before the meds wore off.
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