Most professional sports teams offer halftime or timeout entertainment by letting a fan try and accomplish a strange and challenging athletic feat for money. In basketball, the task is typically a half court shot. In Miami, the powers that be require the random person chosen to shoot a one-handed hookshot and hand out seventy-five thousand dollars for a make. Luckily for the random middle-aged dude picked yesterday, one-handed hookshots are apparently his specialty.

Like a stone cold gangster, the dude took one step and swished it from halfcourt. In theory, you would think no one could possibly be more excited than him, but in actuality, Heat all-star LeBron James was so pumped up about what happened that he bear hugged the guy to the ground. Take a look at the over-the-top celebration below…

James has gotten a lot of negative publicity over the past few years for the way he handled leaving Cleveland, but this video really makes him seem like a good guy. Most superstar NBA players would probably just politely clap or high five the guy, but LeBron celebrates like he was the one who just won seventy-five thousand dollars.

I have no idea what this dude is going to spend his winnings on, but hopefully, he consults his wife before blowing it on something outlandish.



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