Royal mail employee Josh Wapiano is retiring at the end of this week; so, he decided to get his camera out and give people a glimpse inside the mailroom at the incredible Intelligent Letter Sorting Machine. The ILSM is able to sort through multiple pieces of mail every second by reading human handwriting, processing the location and separating the contents into groups based on broad locations.

Not surprisingly, people are fascinated by this high-powered and efficient machine. The clip has already generated more than ten thousand views in one day, and it seems poised to continue picking up momentum. Check out the footage below…

Want to know the coolest thing about this beast? When it can’t figure out an address because of miserable handwriting, it takes a picture of the piece of mail, puts it into a holding pattern, emails it to a processing location and when a worker replies with the right address, it fires it into the correct place. It’s a model of brutal efficiency, and I love it.

There will always be places for human workers, but when it comes to menial tasks like sorting the mail, no person could possibly keep up with a machine like this.



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