We’re just a few hours away from 2013. The majority of people have a free day tomorrow, and in the colder parts of the country, plenty of children will probably go sledding. No doubt they’ll have a good time, but I’m not sure a single one will get down the hill in as cool of a manner as this dude.

Earlier this month, a mystery man taped himself sledding down an extremely large hill on a shovel, and as you would imagine, the footage is awesome. Take a look at it below…

I love how this guy is an expert. Careening down a hill in a sled sounds like something one would do on a dare, but clearly, he’s an old hat at it. He even offers suggestions like keeping your feet up and getting a hard push. I bet he’s done it dozens of times. Luckily, the footage of this successful attempt is what is making its way around the Internet and not one of the many failures he probably had en route to getting it right.

Here’s to hoping none of the many people who try this for themselves screw up and mistakenly hit themselves in the balls with the shovel.



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