Watch This News Anchor Mistakenly Simulate Oral Sex

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Given the nature of live news and the frequency it airs, the chances of a news anchor screwing up at some point during his or her career and making a blooper reel is extremely high. Unfortunately for Canadian journalist Lisa Dutton, some slip ups are far more goofy or embarrassing than others, and itíll take a long time before she lives this next one down.

Trying to explain to viewers how her son got through teething, the anchor simulated how the little guy held the fat end of a vibrating tooth brush in his mouth, and well, you can probably guess what that looked like. Take a look at the hilarious footage belowÖ

Poor Lisa. She cannot catch a break. Last year, she mistakenly said ďpick-a-dickĒ instead of ďpick-a-tickĒ, as in tickets, during a story about a sausage-eating competition. Footage of that foul-up raced around the Internet, and more than likely, this hilarity will travel even further.

I love the look on her co-anchorís face as she starts telling the story. He realizes things are about to go south, but heís so dumfounded he canít bring himself to do anything other than stare at the camera with a Michael Scott thatís-what-she-said-grin.

Hereís to hoping Dutton is able to get back to reporting the news rather than making the news.
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