I don’t normally cover badminton videos for two reasons. First, I’ve never seen a badminton video trend on the Internet, and second, I’ve never thought the casual Pop Blend reader would be interested in anything Badminton related. There’s a first time for everything, however, because this clip cannot be ignored. It’s popular and it should appeal to anyone that likes watching crazy athletic feats.

Back in December, professional players Romain Eudeline and Julien Maio were at a tournament when they played a truly amazing point, the type of point an average non-badminton fan would be fascinated by if he or she saw it. The footage was quickly posted online, but given the nature of the clip (it’s about badminton), it took a long time for people to give it a chance. Thankfully, they have and now it’s racing around the Internet. Take a look at the awesomenss below…

As a tennis player, I can say there’s nothing more frustrating than slowly gaining the upper hand on an opponent during a point before going in for the kill shot and somehow seeing defeat snapped from the jaws of victory. That’s exactly what happened here though as the poor guy has a wide open court and winds up hitting an overhead directly into his foe’s racket.

If badminton was like this all the time, I’m pretty sure more of us would watch it. For now, however, I’m perfectly content to stay away until the next Olympics.



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