Being a great police officer requires many different skills. From bravery to a sense of humor, the best ones can instinctively figure out exactly what a situation needs and respond appropriately. This footage is a good reminder of that.

Waiting by the side of the road to find a speeder, the officer in the above video spots someone going almost twenty miles over the speed limit and turns on the sirens. Ordinarily, it only would have been a matter of time before the officer was able to roll up on the speeder and write him a ticket, but on this day, something funny happened on the way to the traffic stop: a family of ducks slowly started crossing the road.

In the grand scheme of possible offenses, going less than twenty miles an hour over the speed limit isn’t exactly homicide. So, the policeman decided to follow Morrissey’s lead and help the creatures to safety. Back at the station, his superiors were so amused with the video, they decided to slap on some humorous music and upload it online. Just a few days later, more than half a million people have enjoyed the clip and perhaps more importantly, gotten an indication of what Portland is all about.



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