Watch This Sheep Teach A Bull How To Headbutt

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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The best way to learn how to do something is through hands on experience. In fact, as little kids, we spend very high percentages of our time observing, trying and being taught the finer points of communicating, playing sports, eating with manners, singing and a host of other things. In the animal kingdom, itís the same way too. Take the above video as an example.

Released almost two years ago by MrLive123456, the adorable footage only started trending recently, but now that people are aware of its existence, itís getting shared quite a bit. It features a sheep patiently teaching a young bull how to headbutt. For whatever reason, the bull doesnít seem to understand the concept, but luckily, his teacher is extremely patient and goes over the fundamentals over and over again.

Is there anything people like watching on the Internet more than animals behaving adorably? Whether itís a cat experiencing snow for the first time or a lion and a dog being best friends or a sea lion showing concern for a little girl who just fell, if itís cute and involves animals, thereís an audience out there. Itís just a matter of the clip getting exposed to enough people so it can start being forwarded and shared.

If youíre looking to grab a few more smiles and blow off work for a few more minutes, you can check out the video Iíve embedded below too. It features a dog driving a car. Not a go kart. Not a four wheeler. A full blown car. Check it outÖ

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