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If there’s one thing the Internet is flush with, other than pornography and arguing, it’s adorable videos of animals doing the damndest things. From defeated cats taking a bath to sea lions hanging out on a kayak, hilarious new clips get uploaded almost daily. That’s why savvy Internet users have to weed through the muck and the mehs and only spend time with the clips that are so adorable and so out of left field that they can’t be ignored---like this one.

The animals in question live at the Darling Downs Zoo in Australia. After Kwanza, a white lion, stopped being cared for by his mother, the owners started handling the responsibilities, which led to some time with the family dog, Honey. For some reason, the lion and the dog immediately got along famously, and they’ve been getting up to adorable mischief together for weeks.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. At some point soon, Kwanza is going to need to learn how to play with other lions that are a little more intimidating than this dog, and when that day comes, these two will be separated. Here’s to hoping they get in plenty of playtime before that happens and are allowed to give each other a head nod from separate sides of the fence now and again afterwards.