Watch What Happens When A Girl Fishing And A Shark Fight Over The Same Catch

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Iíve never really understood the appeal of fishing. I get the excitement of reeling in a huge catch, but thatís never seemed like enough of a high to make up for the hours of downtime. Turns out Iíve been completely mistaken, but apparently, fishing is sometimes the craziest, most action-packed leisure activity in existence. Take that, Scrabble.

Earlier this week, a video began making the rounds featuring three friends calmly fishing off a dock. The girl lets her buddy with the camera know sheís about to haul in a fish; so, he strolls over with the camera and turns it on the water just in time to see a gigantic shark emerge and steal the catch. Itís horrifying and great at the same time. You can take a look at the footage belowÖ

You have to love the torrent of swear words that collectively pour out of everyoneís mouths after seeing the shark. Itís absolute bedlam. Itís hard to criticize though when most of us would have behaved exactly the same way including screaming at the dude inside to tell him the nonsense he just missed.

Iím not saying Iím ready to start fishing, but if I see a few more videos like this, provided no one dies in them, I might actually be tempted out on the lake to catch some of the excitement.
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